The map to understanding the full nature of your Divine Feminine energy...

from how it manifests in your life, what your gifts are and how you naturally activate it, to how you feel when you're out of alignment, and what your core wounding is.

What's inside?


A personalised 8 page report for Divine Feminine queens to meet their feminine deeper & dive into all the complex layers of Her.

With practical exercises tailored to your unique birth chart to help you embody your full feminine expression, activate your gifts, know exactly who you are & fall in love with all the different facets of your feminine, come inside & discover...

  • your dominant Divine Feminine elemental archetype - is it fire, earth, water or air?
  • how your dominant element manifests in your life
  • how you process emotions in your healthiest feminine embodiment
  • your weakest element and how to activate + balance it
  • which ancient goddess your feminine energy emulates
  • the energy of your biggest feminine wound right now & how to heal it through different exercises / practices
  • shadow work prompts for you
  • the gift + shadow of your feminine 
  • healing exercises for your feminine shadow
  • the psychic ability you have the most affinity for
  • your feminine intuition, how it speaks to you + what it feels like when you're out of alignment

" Holy shit, it's so spot on, so informative and honestly is going to make a huge difference in my life moving forward! Thank you! "




Check out how it's landed for these other amazing women...

Allyce H.

Oh my goodness Linda.. I feel like you have just read my soul!

Absolutely everything that you said in that report I resonate with and I'm honestly mind blown! You are magickal! I loved the healing practices you put in to help integrate the shadow parts too!

I actually couldn't believe how much it resonated, I sent it to my partner to have a read as I was only speaking to him the other day about how I was feeling like I am always in my masculine - exactly as you explained it is how I feel! So I will definitely be doing the practices lovely!

Just wow.. I think every woman needs to know these things about themselves!

Leann C.

The blueprint was very organised and aesthetically pleasing!

You incorporated so much valuable information that I absolutely resonate with and I feel like I've discovered so much about myself from reading your Blueprint Report.

This might not make sense but I feel like this reached into the deepest part of my being and showed me the truths about myself I did not fully understand.

I love how you included healing practices and made me feel empowered and helped me understand a deeper level of myself!

Julia A.

Omg you're spot on.

I love the Blueprint, I found my feminine element really interesting because I've never thought of that but then I was like yeah, it actually makes a whole lot of sense for me! The wound is totally spot on too and it's something I've been working on a lot over the past year. The way you described my feminine gifts and shadows is really eye-opening to me too.

The Blueprint is amazing, especially for someone like me that already knows astrology, it really gets me thinking about my chart and also myself in a new way! The way that it's presented and organised.. it's really helpful especially for people who are working on healing their feminine and masculine energies - or any type of healing journey!